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Frequently Asked Questions

Oil Cartridge Troubleshooting

These solutions should repair your cartridge problems. If your issue is not identified below or if the problem persists, please bring it back to the store it was purchased from for an exchange or contact us.

Cartridge Won't Produce Vapor

This is often the result with cold extracts. Flow optimization for oil occurs under warm conditions. Get your cartridge working by using the following steps, in order:

  • Use a fresh battery that produces less than 4 volts
  • Manually heat the cartridge (using various methods: preheat battery function, hand, pocket, car vent or hair dryer) until extract flows freely.
  • Take a puff or two and warm again if necessary
  • If the cartridge is clogged, it is always clogged from the bottom where the air enters the unit.
  • In order to avoid clogging, keep your cartridge upright as much as possible.
  • Occasionally a cartridge has been over tightened will have a poor electrical contact.
  • Give the bottom of the cartridge a ΒΌ turn counter clockwise and test it again.

Vapor Hits Too Light

Our cartridges are built to produce hundreds of consecutive hits of vapor. If you want heavier hits and more vapor, do this:

  • Use a fully charged battery with at least 280 mAh and 4 watts of power.
  • Warm cartridge until air bubble in cartridge moves when cartridge is tipped.
  • Prime cartridge with a few light puffs.
  • Enjoy 8-10 seconds of thick, wonderful vapor.
  • If this doesn’t do the trick, buy two batteries and hit two cartridges at the same time.

The Above Steps Are Not Working For Me

It’s possible that the coil on your cartridge burned through. This is most frequently caused by using a battery producing over 4.2 volts.

  • Return to the licensed recreational cannabis retailer & ask for an exchange.
  • Unfortunately, we are currently not allowed to take direct returns.
  • Always use a battery with 4.2 volts or less.

Chilly Weather Advisory

Extracts may ‘freeze’ due to cold temperatures and prevent your cartridge from creating vapor. If this happens, don’t worry – you should be able to use your cartridge by warming your extract and priming your cartridge by following the steps above. Once primed, the cartridge should begin working again.