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Eagle Trees Pesticide Statement

Beautiful outdoor farm located in Whatcom County.

  1. we grow in the ground, under the sun
  2. we use some neem oil and essential oils in veg, no pesticides in flower
  3. we give the plants compost tea and fish hydrolysate
  4. we only give them water for the last couple weeks of flower
  5. we cure the flowers in dark and cold for at least 3 weeks
  6. we hand trim our flower.

Mt. Baker Garden

Our partners in grow in Whatcom County. All in door flower.

  1. GROW METHOD – Rockwool
  2. PESTCIDES – Neemix / Trilogy / green cleaner
  3. NUTRIENTS – Kalix
  4. FLUSH – Final phase/ RO water for 10 days
  5. CURE PROCESS – Hang dry / cure in sealed bins
  6. Hand trimmed